Some of My Favorite Winter Activities

Maggie suggested this post during Blogmas, but I did not get to it. It is still winter where I live and so I thought this would still be an appropriate post. Let’s dive into it! (Even though it is still winter, and I would not want to get into any water right now. πŸ₯Ά)

  • Ice skating. I usually only do this about once a year with my family and cousin, but it is always a lot of fun!
  • Drinking hot chocolate. This one is just a classic!
  • Making hot chocolate bombs. I haven’t actually done this yet, but I really want to do it!
  • Making gingerbread houses. This is usually a Christmas thing, but it can still be a fun winter activity.
  • Eating ice cream even if it’s below freezing. There is this really good ice cream place near our extended family’s house that we sometimes go to when we visit for Christmas. Even if it’s really cold outside, we will get the ice cream because it is so good and we don’t get to have it often.
  • Having fun in the snow. That is…when it does snow.
  • Getting cozy in bed underneath all the blankets. This might be my favorite thing about winter. Especially if you add a book in there.

I am sure there are other winter-y activities that I enjoy, but these are the ones that come to mind. What are some of your favorite winter activities? Thanks for the suggestion Maggie!

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Hello! My name is Heidi! I am a Christian who believes that everyone should have the opportunity to hear the Gospel. Some of my hobbies include camping, gymnastics, animals, art, rock climbing, and blogging. I have an 9-year-old labradoodle named Silas and 2 3-year-old cats named Puffin and Smudge. You can learn more about me and my blog on my about page on Thanks for stopping by!

10 thoughts on “Some of My Favorite Winter Activities

    1. It really is!!! Ooo, yum! Sure! A chocolate bomb is basically a ball made of chocolate filled with coco powder and whatever you would top your hot chocolate and then you decorate it if you want. You put it in warm milk/water and it is supposed to melt the chocolate ball and pop open. If you have the opportunity to look pictures up you can get a better idea of what they look like and how to do it. Some of them are really fancy!

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  1. yeah i don’t wanna get in cold water rn either 🀣 i was just thinking this morning how grateful i am to be able to take hot showers! because i’m not sure if i’d be able to take cold baths if i had to
    hot chocolate bombs?? YUM! i was about to ask what that is, then i saw that you explained it to stelly. i love the idea! 😍

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