Reviewing January 2022 || My First Monthly Wrap Up

Hey guys! This is my first monthly wrap up (as well as my first pop-up post of 2022!). I’ve decided that it would be a good way to incorporate more of my life into Heidi Lane. I also thought it would be a good way of remembering things that happened so that if I decided to do a 2022 recap, I know what to write about (that’s one of the reasons why I didn’t do one for 2021). So let’s get started, shall we?


*In this section I plan to share a little bit of what happened in the last month.*

Not a lot happened in January. We started off the year on a pretty good note. Everyone was healthy and was having fun relaxing and getting ready to go back to school. I did a lot of bullet journaling during this time. After all, I not only needed to set up my normal monthly spreads, but also the ones I wanted to do for the new year/journal. That was definitely time consuming, but a lot of fun!

About a week into January, we went back to school. I don’t think there is anything worth noting about that. Mid-January it snowed a little bit! That was exciting, especially considering that we don’t get a lot of snow where I live. I’ll show you guys a few pictures in a moment.

After I had been at school for about one week, I got Covid. Thankfully I didn’t have a bad case. It just felt like a bad cold that wasn’t all that bad. I won’t go into too much detail about it, but that happened, so I thought it was worth mentioning.

Silas (my dog) also had his birthday this month. He is now *does some quick math* 9-years-old! To celebrate we went and got ice cream!

Overall, my January was pretty uneventful, but nice! I took about a week or so away from blogging which was nice after having done blogmas. I continued volunteering with my sister’s theater group and that has been fun. They are performing Peter Pan Jr. this year. And ya, that’s about it.

Oh! I just remembered something! When we got back from our trip on New Year’s Eve, our dog had paint on him (for those of you who don’t know, we are renovating our house). It wasn’t a lot, but it was funny and made it even harder to take him seriously. There was a little bit on his nose, on both ears, and his side. Thankfully it was white and not blue because blue would not have blended in as well. Oh Silas! Silly dog! πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ€£


*In this section I plan to share some pictures I took from the previous month.*


*In this section I plan to share what books I read last month.*

At the beginning of this month, I read New Year’s Kiss by Lee Matthews. I found it to be a quick read and a cute teen romance.

I also read Lord of the Flies by William Golding for school. It wasn’t my favorite school read (mainly because I didn’t find the content all that interesting), but I thought it was cool how some characters connected to Christianity.

I started Flashback by Shannon Mesenger this month and I am a little over halfway done with it.

Blog of the Month

*Here I am planning to share a blog(s) that were started in the previous month or blogs that I enjoyed last month. Just because your blog isn’t mentioned doesn’t mean I am not enjoying your posts.*

Maggie @Maggie’s Doodles started another blog this month! It is called Letters of Stardust. “This is a creative approach to strengthening mental health, giving everyone a safe space to share their true feelings in whatever way they’d like to present them” (Maggie’s Doodles). You can anonymously submit a letter about whatever you want and know that you are sharing in a safe environment. You can learn more about Letters of Stardust here and here and anonymously submit a letter here. I would definitely go check it out!

Some of my favorite posts this month include (but are not limited to):

Dear Police Officers

dear future man

Dear “Friends” – Part 1

Dear “Friends” – Part 2

dear cool girl

Shiny787 @Me Writes also started a new blog this month! It is called Deep Convo. On this blog, she shares some of her deep thoughts and different aspects of life. I would definitly go check it out as well!

My favorites from this month:

Every Day Is A New Beginning

Pressure – > Burnout

What You Wrote

*Here I plan to mention some of the posts on some creators sites that I enjoyed reading this past month in no particular order. I try to pick only one or two per blog, but sometimes there is more because y’alls posts are amazing and I can’t decide. Again, just because your blog isn’t mentioned here, does not mean that I am not enjoying your blog.*

Shiny787 shared sum’ BuJo spread ideas, her new gratitude journal, and habits to implement into your morning routine

Meghan E White shares Look at the Butterflies and Streams in the Desert

Ainsley Beth shares her 2021 review + her goals for 2022

Raegan Turns Her Pink Violin Into a Decoration and shares Pictures of Deer In Snow

Rayna writes a story about Seeing Squirrels, Fan-Casts the KOTLC Movie, and a poem titled Does anyone see?

Megan shares Where I Go and My Word for 2022

Evin shares 5 blogging hacks

Madeleine shares her school art pieces from last semester

Maggie shares Relatable Blogging Problems 1, 2, and 3 as well as snapshots from her week post 1 and 2 and a mini survival guide to *that* time of the month

Disneybounding with Diamond

Gelina shares about her cat in a poem

Willow shares pictures from her trip to Utah

Gabrielle shares about her trip to Florida and outfits of the day for a week

Willow shares her vision board 2022

Rue shares A Little Sprinkling of Inspiration To Brighten Your Day

What I Wrote

*In this section I plan to link all of the posts I wrote in the previous month.*

An Update

2022 Bullet Journal Spreads

January Bullet Journal Spreads

What I Learned from My First Blogmas

Some of My Favorite Winter Activities

February Bullet Journal Spreads

What I Read During the Holiday Season

Reviewing My Christmas Time Bucket List

Reviewing Goals

*Here I plan to review my goals from the previous month.*

Run 16 Miles I ran about 6.5 miles. I need to step it up and run more consistently if I am going to meet my goal of 200 miles for the year! πŸ˜‚

Post 5 Times I exceeded this goal and posted 8 times.

Plan February’s Posts Check! I have all but 3 scheduled.

Finish February’s Bullet Journal Spreads before February Begins I finished them about halfway through January.

Read Almost Every Day I’d say I read about half the month. So not really, but I read a good bit.

Do Devo most mornings That did not happen. That’s another big thing I am trying to work on.

Setting Goals

*Here I plan to set new goals for this month.*

Go outside more

Read frequently

Take a selfie every day (I saw that Maggie did this and I thought it was a great idea, so I thought I would try it myself!)

Do devo most mornings

Try at least one new book genre

Read 3 books

Run 16 miles

(Did I just accidently paste the pedigree I made for biology in here instead of making the text bold? Yep! 🀣 I guess that’s what happens when you press Ctrl+P instead of Ctrl+B. πŸ€£πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ)

Love Myself More

That was probably one of the longest posts I’ve done! It was a lot of links, but it was fun to put together!

What was your favorite part of your January? Thanks for reading!

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