February Wrap Up || March Bullet Journal || A Few Announcements

That was probably my longest title of any post I’ve done!

Hey guys! Welcome or welcome back (to me as well πŸ˜‚)! It has been a second since I’ve been on here. I wanted to start with catching up on posts that I would have posted at the beginning of February and then give you guys a little update. First up on the agenda:

February Wrap Up


To be honest, I don’t really remember what happened in February, so I am going to look through my calendar and pictures really quick and then I’ll be back.

Ok, I’m back. πŸ™ƒ Here is the rundown of my month.

I continued Musical Theater rehearsals as well as Drama Club rehearsals. In Musical Theater, we are putting together a production of Mary Poppins and in Drama Club we are doing Peter Pan Jr. Most of our house renovations are done and so we got boxes unloaded from our storage unit. We also had to reteach my cats that they are not allowed on the dining room table or the kitchen counters. πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸˆ As far as gymnastics goes, I got a rip on my hand from bars which was *fun*. In reality, it wasn’t that bad of a rip, just a normal one. I don’t know how many of my readers are gymnasts, but those of you who are will understand. I also went on a youth group girls retreat which was really nice as well as fun! I tried a new way of heartlessly curling my hair and it worked very nicely (although it is more wavey than curly). Someone special in my life participated in Night to Shine which is like a prom event for those with special needs. It is a really neat experience to be apart of. Soon after that, we had a family dance party night where we did some line dances (like Church Clap and Cotton Eye Joe) for a little while. Then came Valentines Day. My parents got me Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers and a large Squishmallow named Heidi (Thanks!). Later on, my family and I went bowling and had fun together and then had a Daddy Daughter Date Night with my sisters and dad. Silas, Puffin, and Smudge continued to be cute. As far as everyday stuff goes, I had Church, youth groups, Bible studies, gymnastics, theater, and school (I think that’s it).



I finished Flashback by Shannon Messenger late in February.

I read Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens for school.

I started On the Fence by Kasie West late in February.

What You Wrote

*Here are some of the posts on some creators’ sites that I enjoyed reading this past month in no particular order. I try to pick only one or two per blog, but sometimes there is more because y’alls posts are amazing and I can’t decide. Please remember that just because your blog isn’t mentioned here, does not mean that I am not enjoying your blog.*

Maggie shares some of her Happy Moments, Relatable Blogging Moments, and thoughts on Body Image

Shiny787 shares some Morning Encouragement and her February Bullet Journal Spreads

Meghan E White shares Prepping for a Storm, A Love Filled Prayer for You, and Sometimes We Just Need Held

Letters of Stardust shares Dear Heroine

Selina shares Memories: A Short Story and What If? — A Poem

Evin shares about Oreo’s Birthday, some Blog Management Tips, and How She Makes Her Featured Images

Willow shares some Recent Favorites, How She Stays Motivated in the Mornings, and an Easy Jewelry Layering Hack

Rebekah does a Bookish This or That

Tanatswa Michelle shares What A Start

Gabrielle starts a Hairstyle Series

Miriam shares What She Got for Christmas 2021

Gelina shares some Pictures of Flowers that she took

Aditi shares 12 Tips so that You can Say You’re a Better Person Today than You were Yesterday

Ann Mary shares about the Complex of Superiority

Raegan shares pictures of Puppies in the Snow

Stara shares poems titled: There once was a river and Thrill Of Chasing Cats

Diamond continues her series: Disneybounding with Diamond

Rue Answers Questions About Autism

Do you guys like when I link to your posts or does it create too many pingbacks?

What I Wrote

Reviewing January 2022 || My First Monthly Wrap Up

New Year’s Tag

Haiku Tag

The Sunshine Blogger Award

Happy Valentine’s Day | Self-Care Ideas

Thank You, Stranger!

Thank You, Friend!

Reviewing Goals

Go outside more I honestly don’t remember going outside much in February.

Read frequently Nope

Take a selfie every day (I saw that Maggie did this and I thought it was a great idea, so I thought I would try it myself!) While I did not take a selfie every day, I took enough to count for almost 3 months of 1 selfie a day (I took 88 selfies) 🀣. This was a fun challenge and I got some great pictures out of them as well.

Do devo most mornings I wouldn’t say most, but I did do some mornings (which is better than almost none).

Try at least one new book genre Nope

Read 3 books Sorta?

Run 16 miles Nope…I ran an eighth of that goal. I think I should schedule an actual running time this month.

Setting Goals

I forgot to set goals for March. Whoops!

March Bullet Journal

And now onto the next order of buisness πŸ™ƒ

As you can probably guess by the first pages, the theme is greenery. On my title page I included a month at a glance and some trackers. I went ahead and crossed some days out because by the time I started using these spreads, those days had already past and I couldn’t remember if I had done the task or not. On the opposite page, I created a space to write goals even though it was never used ’cause I forgot.

Here I provided some spots to write down some of the things I am thankful for with a Bible verse on the next page.

Next I dedicated a whole spread to reflect and journal during my goal check-in.

Lastly, I divided the page up by the 4 weeks and gave myself an area for to do lists.

The Announcements

Announcement #1: I am approaching the end of the school year where I live and that means it is about to get busy. I just finished helping out with Drama Club a few weeks ago and then I have my own tech week coming up soon. I also have finals in a few weeks as well as some tests and projects. That being said, I will post when I can. My school year ends in May, so around then is when I should be able to post more regularly. However, between now and then, I will try to post as regular as possible.

Announcement #2: I have created an email address for this blog, so I am now open for more collab-ing and guests posts if you’d like. You can go to the Contact page for more details.

Announcement #3: I have started another blog called Saved by Grace which you can go ahead and check out. If there is not an official introductory post out when you are reading this, there will be soon.

Thanks for sticking with me till the end of this lengthy post! Hope to talk to you soon!

Published by Heidi

Hello! My name is Heidi! I am a Christian who believes that everyone should have the opportunity to hear the Gospel. Some of my hobbies include camping, gymnastics, animals, art, rock climbing, and blogging. I have an 9-year-old labradoodle named Silas and 2 3-year-old cats named Puffin and Smudge. You can learn more about me and my blog on my about page on heidilane1.wordpress.com. Thanks for stopping by!

16 thoughts on “February Wrap Up || March Bullet Journal || A Few Announcements

  1. Aw thank you so much for having my name there! I am glad you liked my post! πŸ™‚
    Loved the bullet journal spread and I have to say you have beautiful hair! It seems like you read quite a few amazing books and wrote a lot of posts!
    And I must say your dog and cats are ADORABLE! What are their names?
    Sorry I am obsessed with dogs. And cats but cats not so much.
    Amazing amazing amazing post!
    Keep posting!

    Liked by 1 person

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